“It has taken me a while to write this but it was very important to me to not only thank Randall Oaks Animal Hospital staff again for such excellent care but to hopefully share with others by my Dru’s example that any furry member of their own family would always receive the very best care and personal attention at Randall Oaks. Dru started seeing Dr. Mary Benz when we moved to the area several years ago and Dru was in her “prime.” Throughout the years, regular check-ups and shots, the sincerity of Dr. Benz’s care and concern never wavered, each visit was met with friendly staff greetings and given the time and attention Dru needed.

In the final years of Dru’s life, the importance of Dr. Benz’s experience and level of detail became invaluable as old age started to take its toll on Dru’s body and I needed to make decisions about medication, other treatment options/tests and surgeries. Dr. Benz provided research on treatments/success ratios, referrals when necessary, and indispensable guidance through some very tough decisions regarding Dru’s care and final stages of life. Dru lived a long, happy and pain-free life all 18 years of her life and I believe Dr. Mary Benz and staff made all the difference. Thank you again!”

– Debra M.

“I am so happy with the level of care that my pets received at randall oaks animal hospital the entire staff there is so friendly and nice and concerned with the well being of my pets (i have one cat and one dog) . Dr. Blondin has an incredible bedside manner and is so nice and willing to work with us on what is the right course of action for our pets and our finances. She always take the time to call and check on the animals after she sees them (if its not a routine visit). She just did surgery to remove a tumor from my dog and she took the time to call me herself and let me know how it went afterwords and then when we went to pick him up she came out to answer any additional questions we had. Dr Benz is also very nice she neutered my dog and was also very helpful with any questions we had. Both of the doctors are always willing to take your call with any questions you may have. Even if i move far away i am going to continue to take my pets to this vet they are that good.”

– Kelly D.

“My two kitties have been patients of Randall Oaks Animal Hospital since they were baby kittens. The office is always clean, orderly and organized and the examining rooms seem just the same. Dr. Mary Benz as well as Dr. Blondin have always done a good job in treating the kitties when the occasional ailment cropped up. Dr. Blondin has a great bedside manner and the kitties really seem to favor her. Recently one kitty was seen by Dr. Blondin because he wasn’t eating right. Fortunately, it appears that nothing was actually wrong, other than a finicky puss, but we did order a full blood work up just to be sure. I was particularly impressed that Dr. Blondin took the time to phone me, not once, but twice in the weeks that followed to make sure that Mr. Whiskers was doing ok. When I had questions, she had the answers.

It is nice to have good quality veterinary care so close to home.”

– Ryan H.

“I’ve brought my dog Casper to Dr. Blondin at Randall Oaks for the past 6 years. The hospital is always clean and customer service has been great. Whenever I had questions about shots, medication, or test I felt I always got an answer (from any of the staff) that allowed me to make the best decision for Casper.

Dr. Blondin’s bedside manner with Casper is very good (Casper was an adopted dog from a shelter as a puppy and was abused prior to being at the shelter) given Caspers shy personality and demeanor.

Prices seemed reasonable and comparable to other vet clinics I’ve been to or heard about from friends and family.

I would definitely recommend this animal hospital and feel that Dr. Blondin is a vet that anyone should feel comfortable using as their pets primary Vet.”

– Mario B.

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Let me preface this review by introducing my furry babies, Poppy and Stanley, who have requested that they be given a Yelp-y voice to rave about Randall Oaks. And as I can never resist those puppy-dog eyes — I will now be turning the keyboard over to them.

Woof! My name is Ran-rey (translation – Stanley) and I ROOOVE (ahem, LOVE) Randall Oaks Animal Hospital! They are always willing to squeeze me in for impromptu visits — like the time I drank Mommy’s coffee and she was worried that I would get sick…or the time I got into the potpourri and got a serious tummy ache…and even the time I got those weird itchies all over my belly. I know Mommy gets a little embarrassed every time she has to take me in for my bad-doggie moments — but the doctors never make her feel like she is doing a bad job. They understand that sometimes — bad-doggie moments happen. But they do have a lot of literature available to help remind other pet parents about some of the dangers for us furry ones — especially around the Holidays. Oh, and they always give me treats! Lots and lots of treats, as long as I sit for them really good on the table. And if I remember to give them kisses on the way out they’ll even give me more treats for the car! But I always eat them before we get to the car. And then I’m sad when I don’t have anything to eat on the ride home. Mommy says I need to learn about delayed gratification.

Grrr…My name is Poppy. I may be wittle (little), but I’m FUR-ocious! Rawr! I’m equal parts scaredy-cat and nervous nelly — and I don’t trust ANYONE. I don’t really like leaving the house, since most places make me so nervous that I shake. Literally! But I don’t shake that much at Randall Oaks. The doctors know that I have trust issues, and they make sure to talk to me in a soothing voice — and even pet me a little bit before starting the exam. They wait until the shakes have calmed down before doing anything doctor-y like checking in my ears or touching me with that cold thing they wear around their neck. And they know that Mommy gets sad when I cry while getting my shots, so they always take me out of the room for that part so that Mommy doesn’t cry too. The doctors try to give me treats as a peace offering after the exam, but I never take them. Sometimes I pretend like I will, but when they put it in my mouth — I let it fall out onto the floor. Mommy says I’m a snob, but the doctors laugh and give her the treats for later. When I’m back in the car, in my safety harness and SURE that we’re not going back for any more doctor stuff — I’ll eat the treats. Okay, here’s Mommy now — she has some stuff to add.

Stanley and Poppy pretty much summed it up! Poppy has been a patient of Randall Oaks since the day I brought him home — six years ago! Like he said, he doesn’t really enjoy too many places — but he does amazingly well at Randall Oaks. They know just how to sweet talk him into a semi-calm state. Though he hasn’t required much outside of annual check-ups — we did bring him to Randall Oaks for some pretty major dental work (requiring anesthesia and everything!), and they were very helpful in talking us through the procedure and associated costs.

Stanley, on the other hand, has had almost as many visits to the vet in his two years as Poppy has had in his six! He is the picture of a playful puppy — even at two years old, he is always getting into or trying to eat something that he shouldn’t. He’s been seeing the good doctors at Randall Oaks since he was smaller than Poppy (true story!) — and they can’t get over how big he’s grown (25 pounds of scruffy, overly-friendly, can’t-stop-licking-you doggie goodness). As he mentioned, it can get pretty awkward each time I have to bring him in for his ailment du jour — but the staff at Randall Oaks is always happy to see him, and never once have they made me feel like a terrible mom to my furry babes.

Oh, and because we all know how pricey veterinarian bills can get — gotta Love a place that accepts coupons! At our recent visit, we redeemed coupons for $20 off PLUS a $15 rebate on Heartgard Plus and Buy 6, get 2 Frontline doses — per dog! Their way of showing appreciation for allowing them to be your pet-meds supplier. Looking to save even more money? They’ll give you $5 off your next visit for every new pet that you refer!

Whether your furry friend is more like my scared-of-everything Poppy or my too-friendly Stanley — Randall Oaks Animal Hospital can cater to both. With an uber-knowledgeable group of doctors in their practice, beyond-friendly front-of-house staff, and a clean (and cheery!) location — I could not be happier entrusting my pups’ care to them!”

– Melanie R.